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Calling all Roofers!

Jul 16, 2014
here are some videos for y'all to watch for Roofing this weekend, I am going to try and get some of the Furring in place ahead of time but lots to do, thanks in advance



I will also post embed code tonight

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Jun 28, 2014
This one hurt, luckily didn't go all the way in but still penetrated my boots and my callouses, bled pretty good so should be ok but hurts like hell!
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Feeling Much Better

Jun 27, 2014
Thanks for all of the posts, got a Brita filter so hopefully eliminate the Water as a culprit, took a few pictures of the exterior today, doesn't look like much because we have been focused on living areas but wanted to get some posted
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Laundry Day at the Nest

Jun 25, 2014
Check out the High Tech Dryer Show 4 comments
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